Life at a B School-Week 1

It is 3 days since I joined and long class hours, are already making me feel drained out. This is only the starting and it can only become more intense as time rolls out. The seniors had their convocation yesterday and it was great to see them pass out in flying colors and their enthusiasm was just infectious in pepping most of us up. The first 3 days have seen a guest lecture, more so a CEO talk, which we have every weekday till the pre course classes last. We had R.Srinivasan, MD of ITC come over and speak on how he built ITC’s various business and how it is important to be either number one or two. It was a fast paced lecture and we were able to get a hang of some of his theories at the end of the session. These 4 days also had 3 tests. Our first series of Pre course tests in Micro Economics, Business Maths and Accountancy. The results would be declared today and would be interesting to see how I fared in the tests as apart from math, I had to rely a lot on my “Inky Ponky” skills(It was a multiple choice question paper).The only problem is you pass only if others have done badly in a relative grading system and my guess is pretty much that others used the Inky ponky between 2 choices, while I used it for 4 choices. Probability should help them score higher, but lets see if luck would have it otherwise.

Its week 2 and this week, its quite an interesting schedule with 2 days of ice breaking activities scheduled at a resort in ECR. Looking forward to knowing all the 162 of my batch(including myself, as my face looks like a confused dodo right now).

I hear that holidays are a luxury at Great Lakes, and it’s all about making the best use of the opportunities, without twitching and complaining of boredom. A one year course is expected to drain every soul, but the important aspect is that, as long as you have already set the bar higher and you are anticipating the pressure and the challenge, life should be back to normal, else one would not be able to see the larger picture emerge and end up being undone by the mundane rigor of maddening competition.

We have a lot of student communities at Great Lakes and I have decided that I would be in 3 committees, namely the Events, Magazine and Placement Coordination Committee. I also plan to extensively visit other B school fests and competitions and its time to refresh and old hobby of quizzing, that became dormant after college.


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hm..All the best! :) And have heard Glakes is a great insti.. Lets c wat u feel abt it ;)

Neha said...

Good luck dude! :)

Crescent said...

All the very best for your future and quizzing spree.
You share a lot of interest with tat of mine :)

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