I happened to stumble across Anita Bora's Photo set on Flick R "Infy by Night" and it immediately opened the floodgates, for some nostalgia of my first employer. Infy Bangalore, was a treat to the eye, and in my honest opinion, I bet no company has spent the way Infy has, especially for the way the Infy campus is structured. Given that my Mainframes Training happened in Bangalore, some of the best moments in life happened at night, when the otherwise 15000 strong workforce was reduced to a mere 5%. The Long walk from Block 12,Trainig Room to the dorms near the Amphitheatre, the lovely moments boating in the pond, the secluded benches amidst the greenery, walks around Hosur road(gate1),the slow cycle ride with a walkman on....these are some vignettes that I would forever cherish in my life.

I had plans of visiting the bangalore campus this weekend,but I was too busy finalizing the laptop, raising funds for the remaining portion of the fees, and getting started with Micro economics. I needed to be in Chennai for a few domestic things and so the bangalore weekend plan did not happen.

I really admire Anita Bora, as she is one person to whom I look up to for her travel blogs on all offbeat places.I am still smitten by Gokarna, the sleepy hill side resort town(where Malgudi meets Baywatch), that she featured on her blog.I've been to Gokarna twice now, and time permitting, I may make a quick visit next week.If I do get to Gokarna, this time its a midnight trek across the sands.Gokarna beach is also an ideal monsoon holiday destination too, unlike the fake monsoon holiday world, I live in. I would love to do what she is doing, in terms of exploring offbeat places and setting a trend. As of now, my biggest roadblock is organizing trips with college mates, who seem to be vacillating between coming and not coming.I guess with, online travel communities, its time for finding travel partners online and enjoying trips, rather than known friends.

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