2nd Episode of "My Sports Show"

If You are unable to see the video click here.


Anonymous said...

hi karthik,
it was great! actually u seem to be more comfortable this time than the previous one.all the best to your future as a famous sports commentator.(that would actually give me chance of bragging about knowing a celebrity;))

Kartik Kannan said...

Hey Thanks a lot anon for commenting

Its great to have feedback coming from many quarters

Next time, I would be more focussed on reducing glitches like
1)Tension while speaking
2)Fear of making a mistake
3)More pauses and slower pace.
4)Really enjoy the show and not get tensed by limiting the conversation to just a news announcement.

Thanks again anon, lets hope everything falls in place.

Anonymous said...

hi karthik,
the previous comment was from me . forgot to sign off with my name. anyway all the best!!!

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