Podcast Interview with Sunil Nair, CEO of Nautanki.tv

Mr Sunil Nair, is the CEO of Nautanki.tv, which claims to be South Asia's first Online Video Media Network. They webcast programs / episodes / segments on an ongoing basis in the short format. In the various sections of nautanki.tv you will find humour, thrillers, drama, short films, documentaries, indie productions, satire, political commentaries, religion, spirituality and body and soul.

Mr Sunil, had also authored a fiction novel called
Chatroom Blues in 2003 and a non fiction novel in 2004 called Footloose in God's Own Backyard.

Sunil Nair speaks to Kartik Kannan on Nautanki, his business model and Internet Advertising and money making on the internet through uploading videos

The Interview- Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

1 comment:

soni said...

hey I heared this nautanki.tv is all a "set up"........my friend runs a internet consulting firm and he recruited a girl for nautanki.tv...apparently the girl was pregnant
and the guys of nautanki.tv knew that she was pregnant. Till 3 months they made the girl work~~~every thing was going perfectly fine...but when it came to paying my friend
(who actually recruited her) they said that we are firing that girl since she is very inefficient. They didnt pay my friend a single penny. Such a thing is completely totally unacceptable.
How can CEO be so insensitive????? This is such an unethical firm.....I hope people stay away from it~~~

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