Images from Podworks

Podworks happened last week, and I managed to deliver my session on day 1 as well as day 2. I was not able to take too many pictures, but managed to get some from other folks. The biggest advantage of attending such events is the amazing amount of business networking that happens for the 200 Rs that you pay there as a participant(even speakers at the conference pay, as they still attend other sessions). I felt the presentation on "How to make Audio Podcasts in 10 minutes" went a little longer than expected, but did objectively teach even the naive user, how easy podcasting was. The second presentation was on quick video podcasts, that could be made from any place in the world, even as we travel with the convergence of a Laptop,Data Card and a Mobile Phone.

This was on Day 1, when I was responding to an answer.

This was during the hands on session when I was speaking on where to paste the embed code

Me during the presentation

A live demo of a quick 5 minute audio podcast on ODEO

The demo in action via a HP Tablet PC

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