My Interview with Mashrafe Mortaza ( Bangladesh)


Anonymous said...

hi karthik,
it was great! btw , where did u catch hold of him? in the Afro Asian cup???

Durga said...

Wow u are really branching out. Good work!
I reckon u should speak slower but otherwise, doin well.

Kartik Kannan said...

Yes Vaidhei, I met him at the Afro Asia Cup. Thanks for your kind comments.

Durga, Thanks a lot, will take care of enunciating clearly.

Anonymous said...

Hey good work da. Saw that you spoke in podworks as well. Got to look at your pics in podworks in Chinmayi's blog.

Wouldn't mind seeing you do some mimicry video of the cricketers man.

Anonymous said...

oh btw the comment about the mimicry and podworks was from me
-- Yagnyesh (a.k.a Yaggy)

Kartik Kannan said...

Hey Yaggi of the CHN-QUIZ fame. How are you and where are you. I guess, I need to orkut my way to know more about your current status.

Will do the mimicry, glad you remember that performance when we won in thrillenium.

Anonymous said...

Of CHN-Quizforum fame aa. Dei, over da ithellam!!

I am in Chicago , still with walgreens. Been here for the last one year or so.

- Yaggy

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