Term 2 at B-School

Term 1 at Great Lakes just got over and all it has done is make me study on the principle of rockets. Its not that I aim for the skies, but I dont seem to start studying unless my tail is on fire. The last term was a huge lesson, in learning to manage many things parallely. I might not have set my grades on fire, but am wounded enough to sit up and take notice in term 2. There is this urge to do so many things, as there is a new found freedom of not being at work, so one ultimately ends up spreading too thin by trying too many things.

After 6 weeks of pressure, competition and relative grading, there are so many if's and but's that emerge, as one contemplates the term that went by. Nothing major,its just the fact that had i competed a little harder I would have been happier. Some times its not just about competing for the battle, but knowing why you are in for the war, that matters. Pre reading helps you stay afloat with your grades and repeated reading at the right time, helps you be above "C" level, but what makes you really sail at the speed of knots is the ability to assimilate the subject at a larger level and debate on the pro's and con's. Unless that happens, the rush of B school life will only make a person stunted enough to just see subjects and concepts whizz past your ear, even as your mouth tries in vain to taste and digest it.

Term 1 was all about survival at B school, and it is this lack of interest in just existing, that has made me introspect on my expectations in terms of learning and the experience that I would like to happen. May be Financial Accounting and Statistical Methods, have bounced me out, but I am still there at the crease waiting for the next set of subjects in term 2 to come hard at me so that I can have a crack at them.

Yuhin Chala Chal Rahi..... Yuhin Chala Chal

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