Compensatory Off?

Thats one term you would never hear in a B school, even in your wildest dreams. One keeps working close to 18 hours in a day, sometimes even 20, but you dont get to sleep those extra few hours the next day or take an extended weekend. At B School, we seem to live every day as if it were last day, and never seem to complain, except for the odd shrug, when you get a few minutes of free time belching over lunch. There is madness and mayhem in the volume and the quality of work given, and you need to multitask activities to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Oh ya! between all this, you still have profs who dont tolerate dozing in the class to make up for lost sleep, and it can be quite a challenge in such classes to survive the class without the prof noticing your frame droop like a dead body. Some times life is crazy and complex and if you thought I work hard and am doing great at B School, I shudder to say that I have a lot of things pending still and I keep running with a damocles sword over my neck.

This has become my default schedule

Reach college at 9 15 am
Read News Papers for 30 mins
Check out pre reading material and close it before I start pre reading
Classes till 6 pm with a few breaks of 15-20 mins
6-6 45 Dosa Tiffen at a nearby hotel
7 - 9 - Work on research project
9 30- 12 - work on current market researcg project
12 15 - 2 15 am, lie down and sleep on the bench.
2 30 am to 5 am- See the case study/problems for home work to conclude at 5 am, that this has gone above my head.
5 am- Start the bike and head home.
5 30- Have my bath in Hot water to sleep well...
7 45 am Get up in a frenzy and quickly get ready...now with a Cold water bath, to shake off all signs of laziness.
8 15 breakfast with THE HINDU.
8 35 Start from home to college


Rajesh said...

Accepted . Life is crazy at Indian B Schols. not sure if this si the same scenario with B Schools across the globe. More pressures at the start of career.

Nova said...

Hahaha... reminded me of my days :)

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