First Impression is not the Best Impression

The din of the classroom and the B school as such sometimes makes you out of sync with the real world, as it can get really sapping doing multitasking and then discovering that the draft you worked 3 nights was a piece of crap. B school education gives you enough oppurtunities to discover from dissapointments and failures. Failures and non performance are things my life has learnt to tolerate as an unwelcome visitor.Its when the visior stays a little longer that frustration rebels inside you.It is this frustration that shows the "real mature you".

It is how you react when the world is against you is what builds your character shows how deep your skills to counter failure are. Since I have been there and done that a hajaar times, I rarely make a particular failure affect me,but seeing people around me react badly to failure is where I observe that some people are just not made for management. The first impression is far removed from the most recent impression.

Whoever said, the first impression was the best impression, probably did not have management education in mind, as the amount of transformation one undergoes over a period of time, gives different impressions whose sum total is almost always different from the faked first impression.

Some food for thought? Would love to hear your views on this?

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