Under Skirt Adventure

How's that for some adventure? I just happened to hear news about 2 dutch Bloggers who have been filming women below the skirts....wait wait wait!! It's a far more interesting reason than plain pornotude.

Apparently in Netherlands, they have staircases that are transparent and so when women with low skirts happen to walk on the stairway, I guess the menfolk have enough reasons to ogle at them.( Is Reliance hearing? They could place a shop there..and sell a few things there :-) )

Now what 2 bloggers have done is to have been angry at such blatant ogling by men, and so to bring that to public notice, they have filmed women on the staircase, and the women community in Netherlands seem to have more reasons to frown than smile. Its the case of I will clean the gutter, by getting dirty, but getting dirty is a disqualification for cleaning the gutter.

Moral of the Story: Long live the gutter...
News Link : Courtesy CNN IBN

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