Sleep Deprived Soul

That's what the MBA has made me into. I sleep in bursts now. I generally work till 3 or 4 in the morning and get up at 6 30 to get started with whatever remaining work, including a quick breakfast, and a cursory glance of the case study to be done. There are times I do feel tired during the day, I just manage to catch a few winks... say 5 minute power siesta sessions, but I seem to realise how tired I am when I go back home and lie on my bed. My body seems attracted to the bed like an iron filing to a magnet. Life is interesting ....but its also tough!


revatechnic said...

hey chill buddy.. actually i really really love such a life.. even if it gets a little irritating sometimes.. it sorts of gets you really occupied...

Durga said...

yeah i totally know what u mean.
welcome to my life. lol

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