Show Me a Deal Will Ya?

I happened to come across this shopping site called Singdeals, a few days back. What I like about the site is the fact that it seems to be providing an unbiased shoping experience of what are the deals available. The problem with other major e-retailers is that they seem to showcase only that part of the inventory where they have major deals. Indiaplaza seems to have a great site, but if they fail somewhere its in the fact that they dont seem to have user reviews for most of their products, and this is where Singdeals aims to plug in the gap by being a mouthshut meets Indiaplaza.

Comparison shopping is also a major service they provide, and the most interesting part is that they are not selling, but providing links to sellers with discounts, and that would have a lot of win-win from the retailers who would want to sell their products.In a way, there seems to be some hedging done, by not being an end retail player like Indiaplaza, but they sure have one happy customer, who's writing this blog. I have noticed a couple of unsung heroes on the web segment, which are gaining promonence slowly, and I will write about them in the coming week.

Right now do let me know what you think of this site, which I feel is gaining a lot of prominence.Its pretty neat and nifty and the whole model of "Only Comparison" shopping really looks cool

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