The Goa PhotoBlog- Part 4

Vipul Singhal and I, are at the west end of Anjuna Beach, beyond which you need to cross a mountain peak to reach Baga Beach.
The beach next to this was an extension of Anjuna Beach, and it was far better with cleaner water and streams flowing on rocks. That
seemed a lot better than Anjuna Beach itself. Anjuna has earned the sobriquet of being a dirty beach by most of my friends who have been there.

White Mischief Holidays seems to have got the advertising just right at this place, which is such a haven for firangs who dwell in various levels of nudity on this beach. Sometimes your eye cant take more than 2-3 hours of gazing, as its tough to close your eyes to the various attractive women on the beach. Varun Vipul and I were meanwhile engrossed as to how most of the firangs that land up on the beach, are so attractive to the eye. Whatever! No answers Found... WHITE MISCHIEF... it certainly was for us... an acid test for our eyes to look at one direction without batting an eyelid.

These are somethings I like in the shack. Its so comfortable to relax, if you want some shade and some nice breeze for a siesta

Varun resting on the sunbathing planks on the beach. If you have food at the shack, resting on the plank is free for a while, but after some time you need to pay 100 bucks for a day for using its services in gazing at the sea. On Anjuna, a nice activity would be to try out para sailing just above this point. It costs about 900-1500 rs, and if worth the fun of flying above the Arabian sea, like a vulture set free.
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KArtik ----vettifying/irritatifying and borifying....overall a fry ball!!!

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