Goan Odyssey!

B school life is as much about learning theories as much it is about making new friends and Networking. I happened to go on a trip to Goa sometime back, and forgot writing about it. Goa too me seems the ideal place for a student bachelor to find a foreign country at Indian prices. People keep asking me why do I have this morbid prefernce for Goa again and again. I've gone like three times in the last 16 months, from Chennai, and being a Chennaite, the rulebook says that Marina beach, Pondicherry,Mahabalipuram and Ooty should be the places explored. People think Goa is about sex, booze, non veg and immoral behaviour, but if you take a deeper look than the normal impression a Tam Brahm would have, you would see a wonderful Indian state opening up where all you see is a laidback culture which works just the right tonic for a short 2-3 day holiday amidst our rather stresses schedules.

I go to Goa, to yearn for some adventure, that is normally not possible in a sordid state like Tamil Nadu, as the beaches have policemen at night, and they instruct you thats its time for bed, and ask you to push off after 10. Adventure at Night on a Beach? Is that possible...?? Have you ever seen the full moon night casting its mild light silhouted against the blue waves of the ocean at night? Have you ventured into just lying on the ocean floor as the water comes and grazes you? Have you ever entered into an endless conversation over tea, as the wind calms your nerves? Have you ever stared deep into the abyss of the ocean, and felt music in your ears with the sea growling at night with its waves? Have you ever been stranded in a forest near a beach at 2 am, thanks to your bike conking off? These are some questions I ask myself why I go to Goa over the beaches here on the eastern coast. Far too much policing on the eastern coast.

The thing I like about places like Calangute and Baga are the way the whole city seems to come alive after sunset till sunrise. Goa seems to be a collection and a crazy concoction of people all over the world. Goan sunsets on the beaches are some of the most alluring sights to a perfect evening at the sea, for dinner. As soon as I seem to hit Goa, there seems to be something in the air, that presses the "calm" button, as you snake through the roads and the mountains, through colourful goan houses, and even more colourful restaurants on the road. The night drive through the highway from Panjim to Arambol via Calangute is probably the best that I have experienced. I have quite a lot of pictures to share from my previous two tours of Goa, that havent found its way to the Blog. Right now a little dissapointed with the loss of my 6030 Nokia Mobile... thats the 4th mobile lost in 6 years. Sometimes bad luck hits you when you dont really need it(Who needs bad luck anyways! ? ).

The blog had lesser posts due to some pre occupation at college. Now I hope to be a little free with lesser classes spread. Keep plugged on for a detailed Goan travellogue on what to see and what to miss.

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