A Year Off?

Check this news. I'd ideally love to take off for sometime before settling into a job. Once I get to know where I would be employed, I would be in a better position to plan my travel. After thumbing through Railway Time tables and Outlook Traveller guides, I had a brief route plan in mind.

Chennai> Renigunta> Vijayawada>Puri>Howrah>Guwahati- explore East by Road. Arunachal Pradesh,Sikkim are some of the places in mind.

then from Howrah>Dhanbad>Gaya> Lalooland(Patna)>Varanasi>Rae Bareilly>Ayodhya>Lucknow>Dehradun>Ambala>Jalandhar>Amritsar>Jammu Tawi -Vaishno Devi Temple and explore Kashmir

Then follow the route through West Rajasthan,Gujarat,Maharashtra,Goa,Kerala Karnataka and back to Chennai.

Seems a long journey with atleast 20+ days required, but it should be fun travelling alone across the length and breadth of India. Atleast If I cant take a year off, I should be able to sneak in 15-20 days of travelling before I join the corporate world back again. Most of the journey should be reserved, especially in the regions of UP,Bihar and MP, which are largely dangerous states to travel in unreserved. It should be great fun updating a travellogue while on the move. Lets see how things pan out!

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arvind said...

nice,,have fun...ll try taggin along...aanand ok sonna nalla irukum :)

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