Trip to Goa- Part 2

Vipul, doesnt mind the world around him, when he starts to doze. The rickety bus ride has made him slip from a normal position to the this position where he bares his belly unmindful of the din and chaos of the engine and the horn that the driver seemed to honk at.

This was a regular feature where we wait for the trains to cross over, and this level crossing would just come up when the bus was picking up speed after traversing an ardous stretch of mudpaths(I cant call it a road). Even more irritating was the loud honking that the driver did to scare people off the road. It certainly got Varun on his nerves, as he silently cursed the driver..initially and was getting vociferous with his hindi swear words, and i was suprised how the driver was keeping quiet.

This was our room/shack for the night. At 500 rs a night, it looked a steal for me, as the bedding and the bathrooms were decent enough and it was located right next to the Anjuna Flea Market.It was a nice orange coloured room and made us sleep well from 2 am till 8 am the next day.

Thats some crazy nut in Yellow, talking to Varun and Vipul. This guy called himself a Kashmiri doing studies in Pune. His english was the typical call center accented english and it looked he was high on booze and he was behaving in a strange manner. He just saw us and casually invited us to his room, which seemed to be in a remote corner of the rocky cliff. Vipul and I seemed to be alert enough to avoid this guy, and quickly say a flurry of "bye bye"s to get back to our room.

In this melee of talking to him we were lost and were guided to our room by the night vigil police, which did a random check on us. They later said that drug trafficking was high in this region, and they generally check smokers, whether they hide marijuana in the cigarette butts or cigarrete packets.
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