Life is Better!

Right now, am relaxing at home. Placement season is still on, though Placement day is over. The rest of the batch unhappy with profiles or money are busy attending more interview at Campus for the rest of the companies, that couldnt fly down on Placements day. Being a part of placement team was a good experience, especially the nitty gritties in organising it at a Beach resort. Have been hung up on time, so didnt write anything on my blog.

My offers reads like this: Business Analyst at a popular IT company that has the same three letters as TCS, when jumbled(Media Vertical) and a pre placement offer from the place where I interned, for nearly 1 and a half times the salary and a better profile, than company 1. This is probably the best time, to catch up on some snooze and relax to my hearts content, as none of the subjects that had taken, are scheduled this week. I havent been to college for a couple of days, but a couple of assignments and reports are due, which makes my face frown. You seem to have a mirage of relaxation, and the coco shoots a mail talking about pending reports submissions, which we had extended on mercenary reasons of placement.

I feel like taking a holiday, but where to go? Andamans, Goa or Ooty... or some Homestay option rovided by Outlook traveller. Life is starting to look interesting after the mercenary part of the MBA.

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singh_lokesh said...

as most of the placement must've been over what are the highlights and overall placements like....????
any recession or slowdown in placements along with global eco.?

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