Uneventful Birthday

This birthday was spent sleeping for 18 hours. I was unwell with a throat infection,fever and headache from Tuesday afternoon, and till now I havent recovered. Life is dull with having liquid rasam all day long. The fever seems to take turns and come at different parts of the day. What is even more irritating is that once the sun sets, I start to shiver like I would If i were in snow. When one sleeps so much, all you get to to do is to dream crazy things, and stay more confused as your idle mind keeps wavering all places. Never felt more bored than this period.


Nirenjan Krishnan said...

You are complaining about the chill in Chennai... I'm wondering what you will do when you come to the USA... :) Anyway, take care and hope you get better soon...

Madras to Ambai said...

which offer did u finally opt for.. Is it the jumbled TCS thingie??
By the way i am also from Vidhya Mandir, 2 years senior to you though..i had met u a few times in TIME, Velachery about 5 years back.. I had taken up a teaching assignment in TIME then..

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