Goa Trip- PhotoBlog-Part 3

This shack was like any other shack on Anjuna Beach. Well lit and very breezy. You wouldnt need anything more in life at this point. endless conversations as the waves thumps the bottom part of the cliff, (we were on the cliff). We have the full moon thats focussing its lights on us, and endless cups of hot tea. Err... tea in Goa... my optmism seems a little misplaced, the guys preffered Signature whisky to make them feel warm. I often took half the coke bottle, as the other half went for mixing the alcohol bought. The drink that I have every time in Goa is Bacardi Breezer, and i love it because of its taste and the exotic varieties. I've had the strawberry,raspberry orange and a new version in Blue colour.

There you Go! Half my Coke has gone into the othe guy's alcohol concoction. I remember the days in school, when I used to have Pepsi or Coke for any given reason. Pepsi for feeling good, pepsi for feeling thirsty, Pepsi for a headache, Pespi for relaxing, Pespi after a session of cricket, Pepsi during a cricket match.... man things have changed so much from then. These days, I drink Pepsi/Coke only when I am out as an alternative to alcohol, as I am too cautious about Alcohol with a tricky stomach.

Cheers of UNEQUALS: Coke vs Signature Whisky, as Vipul Singhal looks on!

Varun enjoyed the night in the Goan laidback atmosphere as we started chatting
a long conversation well into the wee hours of the morning, until it got too cold for us.
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