I just gave my cobol retest today and the paper was much tougher than the main test....and so the pressure is increasing for me to get an A grade in the 1 remaining test , that's DB2.....failing which I would be put into the 4 and half months long cycle....

the funda at infy is as follows
:6 individual subject tests: at least B grade and if a C is obtained then it can be compensated by an A in one of the subjects.
1 comprehensive test in which atleast a B (65 and greater ) is required.

I have now got a C in cobol and desperately require an A in the next test on monday to avoid "follow on " . complicating matters further is my visit to chennai this weekend.On the other hand I desperately need a respite from this programming world........(whether i code or not )

Last night I stayed back at the campus as i just didn't feel like going back home.I wasnt coding........just as I was browsing through the servers on the bangalore network , one good soul had put' 7 g RAINBOW COLONY", a new tamil flick on the hard disc.....and I didnt miss an oppurtunity to see the film.I saw it all alone on my PC ......as the sound isnt very loud on the speakers here,so had to insert my earphones.

I have been given a huge manual for which I have to learn code at home to start our 2nd post project on monday.Next week would be the last week I would be in bangalore,burning the midnight oil over pieces of code,as I by 21st december I hope to have my return ticket to chennai,which I hope they will post me.Bangalore is a lovely place ,but staying alone is really boring..for a "anything -but-organized" guy like me . Hey but home is equally boring...but atleast I dont spend 66.67 % of my salary on eating and rent.But I've heard from my friend who works at the Chennai Infy DC, that life is all about minding ur own business , unlike Bangalore DC where there is so much of "entertainment" at the work place..

just as the proverb goes , neccesity is the mother of all inventions....I am learning.....CODING IS THE MOTHER OF ALL TROUBLES...........

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