It pains to see the kanchi seer , being subjected to all this torture in jail,even though his conviction is yet to be proved and the courts seemingly not being able to arrive at a decision are adjourning and postponing his hearing.Apparently the police are not able to gather real evidence againts him,so they try to keep some commoner surfacing and saying that the "swamigal" had an illicit relationship and had behaved in a manner unbecoming of him...as is the case with the latest "monica lewinsky' ke" like usha. This case will finally end with sri jayendra saraswathi swamigal being exonerated of all charges and aqquited from the vellore prison(the latest shankara math).

It really is comical to see people like jayalalitha and karunanidhi talking ill about the respected pontiff....when they themselves are struggling to keep afloat in the sea of cases filed against them.they may have been acquitted in some cases,but thats only because they are politicians and can manipulate the judiciary as it were a magic wand.The Tamil nadu goverments insistence that jayendra saraswathi swamigal or a man in the street -all are equal before the law,does not seem to include the well-cushioned-political class...who are basking in the air conditioned corridor of their offices......losing count of the crime's they have commited.

It further pains to notice that some people here at work seem to refer to the pontiff as "avana jayendhran thaane" ,when he is such a revered personality...but more than blaming them ,when the media ...(Sun news or SUN tv ...whichever it was ) openly said that "jayendran" was caught...will the same sun tv.......say the same about karunanidhi .....like "karunanidhi matti kondran" ..no it would'nt , it would refer to him as "kalaignar karunanidhi ".it is that extra ounce of prefixing that respectful tag that is in question...and some people who without thinking a minute on what they are speaking "jayendran , athukku enna achu, antha case ". I guess people reading this blog can very well understand what I trying to say...as there is a line between making people understand my post by merely saying things in vernacular.

Magazines ...try and sensationalize this issue by trying to go overboard by revealing only one side of the picture and trying and speaking to irrelevant people and finding newer witnesses...rather than speak to people of the mutt or related persons

Jayalalitha sure knows how to call the shots and command attention.the pontiff's political connections have proved to be a like rubber soles on a granite surface,where he made a few post poll utterances about jayalalitha and Also entered into active politics with respect to the babri masjid-ram janma bhoomi case.The anti-conversion laws that the pontiff advocated,seemed to draw an empty vote bank for jaya in the recent elections and the politicain that jaya was...made the pontiff for violating the "law of the political jungle"-IF YOU ARE GOING TO NURSE A SERPENT IN YOUR BOSOM,DONT PISS IT OFF.

what happens of we people who are in tamilnadu.....governed by people who are more bothered to avenge their share of political problems against each poiltician...when each person comes to power he/she makes sure that the oppssing ruler gets embroiled in all kinds of police cases ,wealth cases....u name it...and amongst all this it is we people who are affected as we have to chose between the devil and the deep sea ,when it comes to voting.For the past 15 years and the years to come .......I dont see this DMK vs ADMK political battle for power ending....this seems to have more fireworks and intenseness than a India Pak encounter. Worse ...is to come is evident when u have people like rajnikant who is expecting to contest to become a chief minister.He keeps denying the claims......but produces movies which hail him as "thaliavar" , "leader of masses" as his recent few movies having political undertones suggest .Some of his movies like BABA....PADAYAPPA are sure giving his indications of entering to the gallery of political lions . I think a few more movies ...too had some poltical dialogues linked with it...but am not able to remember the names of those movies as I am not a very avid watcher of his movies(never did conform to my taste).

coming back to the original point it remains to be seen what happen's in the pontiff's case...at best what can happen is rajnikant can star in a movie as the pontiff and the climax can feature rajnikant becoming the chief minister getting support from the president of mars and venus and bush coming and shouting "enga sanga thalaivar rajni thaan....." ................... whatever ------- RK Narayan's classic "SWAMI AND FRIENDS" be rechristened in this kali yuga as "SWAMI AND FIENDS "

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