S W A D E S ' E D

I am presently listening to the soundtrack of swades again and again as I am totally bowled over by the movie as well as the music ....and if time permits I might go for a night show of swades(re-run) in bangalore's posh PVR cinemas with my friends.We hardly have any work in office as all of us are keenly waiting for our compre results....as only if we clear the compre test, will we be posted to our respective IBU's(Internal Business Units). My friends here are busy watching movies from 9 am till 6 pm.

I preferred to go around the campus and enjoy the lush greenery of the campus ..as tommorow will hopefully be my last day in the Infy campus at Bangalore ,unless i happen to flunk in the compre ,as we are to proceed to our respective DC's tommorow afternoon.The results are expected at 9 in the morning.......so tommorow is D day .........in a way .

And the biggest scoop ....I have some how coaxed my HR here to give me a posting to Chennai...and guess what she has accepted it .so I should be reaching Chennai on the 23rd afternoon and joining office on the 24th in the retail department of Infosys ,Chennai(if all goes well in my compre results !!!!!) ,but there lies a catch ...I am on transfer to chennai only for 3 months after which i have to return back to the western coast of mangalore.

till then its the " T I M E 2 D I S C O "

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