So training classes at Infy finally ends.from tommorow we have a post project blah..... blah..... uptil 12th of december .......and we have our final comprehensive test on 16th and 17th december.Last night as i was travelling through jayanagar.....the chill winds of bangalore(18 degree) reminded of the lovely time I spent here in this garden city.Well actually I haven't ventured much into bangalore,but the city's lovely settings have really bowled me over,but nothing quite like chennai.I just happened to stumble upons krib's post on a "trisha video" which he saw....and that for sure would hae set the cash registers in burma bazaar running.

I would to know my posting in chennai by the 6-7th of this month.I am planning to come 2 chennai this weekend to meet family, as I hear that my dad is posted to good-ol delhi .......so its more of a reunion......and the fact that I have to sign my bond letter at infy.My first salary has been credited and I am slightly over the moon, just thinking of plans to blow it up.........

hmm...lotsa things are in the pipeline.......but somehow I am also a little cautious...as I dont want my money go down the drain....so rightly to put it in shah rukh khan's words it's seriously "THE TIME TO DISCO " .I plan to buy something tommorow evening ...after office before I board the bus to chennai.

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