yesterday morning when I came and sat at my cubicle,I was browsing through some material for our project , with the m,usic in my headphones on.All of a sudden shrieks were heard all around....some frantically happy and some with a frown on their face..I happened to turn around..and see my friend madhu who glanced from her cubicle with a frown on her face and I heard her saying that she had a got a posting to "angalore" and so had I . I thought it must be Bangalore.........and was a little sad ...but nevertherless happy that I didnt get PUNE or some other far off place.But my so-called -little happiness was shortlived as I discovered that it wasn't B"angalore" but M"angalore" . I am now posted in the retail division and I guess I have to soon acclamtise soon to being a Mangalalorean.......who has extensive knowledge in mainframes.

I report there on the 23rd of this month and have no active swaps as such......... tell me which sane trainee would want to swap mangalore with chennai/hyderabad/pune/bangalore ?
Anyways I was initially a little sad, as still some visits to the doc are pending in chennai with regard to my stomach operation that was performed in may.I have spoken to my HR regarding this matter and she said she would look into this matter,and gave me the info that Chennai DC has no space right now...and it would be a little tough for me to get chennai.....I guess I gotta take life just as it comes...

I have a week to go before my comprehensive test......and I am in the process of preparing for it...meanwhile I have to subject a small project in mainframes.....which is also going on parallely.
so life's just chugging on.......on a shatabdi like Infy express.....


capriciously_me said...

hey kartik, stop sulking...i hear that mangalore has some of the most beautiful women...remember one ms. ash?? wht more do u want...gr8 inspiration, good money & timepass ke liye - some work!! enjoy maadi pal...

Anonymous said...

well thats some info that i've got too......belive me thats the only thing that still keeps my fire burning inside.....but i heard that the language may be a problem.....so i've gottta learn to say "I LOVE U " in TULU... :-)

jus jokin anyway........lets see where life takes me .


Anonymous said...

Came here thru Kiruba's blog.
Just wanted to say that even though its your blog it is not safe to write about your workplace so openly.
There have been incidents of firing in the US on these grounds. Some of the comments on girls could land you into trouble within Infosys.
Please be careful.

F e r r a r i said...


If you get a chance for Pune, grab it in both hands. Thanks to Air-Deccan no place is far off man. Yeah Chennai is hometown, missing it a lot is understood. But career comes first. Now these things might sound serious to you. But as days goes by you will know what I mean.
And never ever think ill of a place before actually going there and seeing it :-)
Every place has its own plus and minus. Go with an open mind. Else you will end being depressed, and it will affect your professional life as well.
As I see, you are just starting your career. Take it is as an opportunity to enjoy your bachelor life, being away from home. And believe me, you will understand the pain your mom undergoes at home and many minute things.

Have fun! Everything happens for the good. All the best

mawhyyouare said...

Hey Kartik,

Cool it dude!Mangalore is a wonderful place and in many ways better than Bangalore!(at least you don't have so much traffic).The Mangalore girls are beautiful,a bit conservative in some ways maybe but not all and you can manage!The sea air would do you good after 2 months of chilly weather,blue green mainframe screens in bangalore!Will miss you da!Had some great time together in the quizzes though we didn't qualify in any.Keep in touch!

Kartik Kannan said...

well , this is with reference to the last comment made by MAWHYARU ...thanks a lot for ur comments on my blog..i see u have mentioned that u too had a gud time quizzing with me.I am not able to recognize you...can u pls send me ur contact mail id ..or say when u met me. I am eagerly waiting to hear from u.

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