I was quite suprised at the turn of events in chennai last weekend.I would have loved being there to see such a phenomemen of seeing the sea waves coming upto 10 metres.I was initially shocked receiving the news from one of sikkimese friends here at Infy on sunday that Chennai received a jolt at 8.9 on the richter scale.......but later after browsing the web..I found out that the epicentre was not in chennai.

But the sad point still remains that so many people passed away in this tragic incident.It pains to see one of the natural attractions of Chennai being submerged in water and ravaged by the killer tsunami.

I am planning to stay back till the 3rd of january ...as I am still to collect my release letter and the fact that Infy has its corporate awards function here in the amphitheatre in the bangalore campus and it's something I wouldnt want to miss,especially when NRN is talking .

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