I am presently listening to the instrumental soundtrack of KAL HO NA HO ,which seems so soothing and calming to my ear,as I have just written my test for DB2....and i desparately need an A grade in it...to compensate my C in cobol...or an A in CICS ,the results of which havent been published yet. Its damn unnerving waiting 4 the results as If i dont have an A my CGPA out of 5 WILL GO DOWN MARGINALLY FROM 4 TO 3.93...which means I have to attend a round of VIVA VOCE after the compre test,which I heard is just done to screw people as it is a very tough round....and failing which I am put on the long cycle.I just dont want that happening....Life is suddenly so tough as i know the agony of a 79 and the ecstasy of a 80 in the results of the two tests awaited.

My brain is just not functioning......and to add to the misery was the rumour that our postings would be announced today.even that hasnt come......the last time I remember I was on such a brink of dissapointment was in my 7th semester......where we had an interdepartmental quiz...in which I had performed badly and for the first time I faced an elimination in the prelims as far as college quizzes were concerned(I had won every single quiz till then......) and the 6th sem results were to be announced that day......and I had my doubts regarding a subject where I performed badly......so would it be elimination + arrear that day? :-( changed to :-) in a few seconds ....when some of my friends who had seen both the results told me that I had been succesful that day.....and at that moment my joy knew no bounds....it was as if the the seeds of doubt that had been planted in my mind were uprooted instantly..........and had got what I wanted........

But will history repeat ? only time will tell.........pray 4 me.......ppl


Kishore Sundara-Rajan said...

Instrumental eh? Try listening to Yo Yo Ma sometime, especially his "Inspired by Bach" album. Only then will you realize the true meaning of soothing.

As far as the rest of the stuff goes, a poem by Theodore Tilton comes to mind.

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

A few things to be very conscious about :

1. Excercise heavy restraint when talking about work.
Like in this case, you are giving out a lot of information about Infy's training programs, policies without intending to. This could be cause for serious issues.

2. You are talking about listening to music while probably at work. It could bring to mind questions about copyrighted material (if MP3), where it's playing from (radio, pc, your portable player, etc).

These things, while appearing to be minor, can become issue by themselves.

Please exercise restraint while blogging about work and work environment. I'm not being a saint nor am I preaching. This is for your own good.



Anonymous said...



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