of forwards and the mindset behind it

I tend to notice that more often than not , one tends to receive emails as forwards than the normal mail conveying information.It's not that I am against forwards....but it gets boring to see a repetition of the same mails popping in by the dozens.Infact it's years since I actually forwarded messages,and even when I send group emails to all my friends It's something that I type on my own. I just noticed this as I was about to sleep last night.

well seeing the other side of the coin..one would argue that a person sending forwarded mails is actually sharing information with others,but I totally detest that theory as I know the mentality of we " working proffesionals " I tell u, we some how or the other have to pass time ...without tasking our brain so much.......just have to fill in the check boxes and click on send, and we continue doing this monotonously till we are bored even with this activity....after which we say.."ok they pay me somuch..lets do some work" and inbetween work when u recv a mail , u are only too glad to take this as a welcome respite and forward it across.

When the odd forward comes , I dont mind reading it ...but when the same forward comes from different people at different instants of time ...that too flooding ur inbox with a ferocity of closing it down, only then does it become tiresome reading them.

It's not that I forward only my own stuff, there are times whenever I have sent the link containing a good article , but it's just that its boring to see people sending forwarded mails hardly caring whther we read it or not....but more so just to make sure they have some activity to while off their time...and its become so mechanical...these days........

to catch up on college gossip , My dear friend L.G.Ganesh has got a job in bangalore and would be coming here on the 19th morning via the rajdhani express, but i am not sure whether I would be in bangalore to receive him as I still haven't got confirmation from my department as to when they are going to releive me..officially its 18th...but only time will tell.I heard that my college is planning an alumni meet on the 26th of january,I wouldnt mind going there but whats what's the point going there all alone , when most of the guys wont turn up,as they dont want to re-enter hell .

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