THE YEAR THAT WAS……………………2004

This is just an account of the year so far....if curiosity is killing you to c , how the years went by ...just refer to the archives ection of my website www.katchucrap.blogspot.com in the months jan 2004 and jan 2003

Jan1 –wake up to plaster-of-paris free hands…after my left hand fracture had fully healed and the plaster had been removed last night….

Jan 3 –Go to Sify to collect my project details for my internship and rejoice at the same time when Sachin after a long draught scores a century against the aussies at the SCG(241*) .

Jan 23- Get caught in college for bunking college model exams..as I had gone to saarang(cul fest of IIT MADRAS)…but am let off as I do a comedian vivek style englipish”as I am suffering from fever……………..” what I actually said was I had been to IIT to present a paper on birdwatching….the IIT tag is enough for the so called exam cell fellow to feel that my leave was genuine…and thank heavens he didn’t know what birdwatching meant.

FEB 6- am elated as I receive two interview calls from symbiosis pune for their PGDBM course and am over the moon.

FEB 7 to 16
The right time for making money as I lap around rs 3000 in some allied events at Hindustan engineering college in their various department symposiums.

FEB 9-
finally the college authorities give –in and decide to stop classes for the semester as we plead with them saying that we need at-least a months time for our project

–Board the train to pune from home at 6 50…making it one of my most loneliest trips …..and keep vomiting in the train…….

as the day dawns …I am reminded that the world has endured me for 22 years …and this is the first time I would be spending my birthday all alone and in a new city.
My interviews at symbiosis goes of well ….

FEB 22:
The final interview on day 2 is also over at symbisois..pune, and I am free by 4 30 pm , but by the time I come back to the room and pack…its already 7 and Guess what…after “hindi-ing” around for some time I tend to miss our gaana and mama machan language (which I terribly hated in college !!!),so I run to the theatre near by which is screening “pudukottai lerundu saravanan” paying 90 rs in a multiplex there…and at the end of it I am convinced….that I could have jumped off the Niagara falls than to have watched that movie.

- Have the time of my life …roaming around with my friend prasanna as both our projects supposed to have been done at SIFY and IOCL are shelved bcoz of the short period our college gave us for the internship…and the fact that the companies wanted us to start doing the project from December last year. WE decide to buy a project from a “potti kadai” in one of the small bylanes of vadapalani………

just chance to meet an astro-guy…who is supposed to be prasanna’s uncle’s friend and get a few encouraging signs about my future….never did believe him initially ….but found out afterwards in course of time that every syllable he occurred about my future was coming true………

MARCH-18 – Its my cousin’s marriage , but also happens to be my last symposium at Bharath engineering college.to which I make a quiet slip after the food is served in which I happen to win the paper presentation event and the quiz…….. so that’s the last drawn salary …from symposiums while at college.

MARCH-25- The next day my project review Is supposed to be and my project that I paid 4000 bucks is not yet ready….and that guys goes on and on……and it moves over into the wee hours of the next day……at 1 30 am..where he says that the project as some errors and he consoles me with a cup of “tea” at one of the corner side tea shops…but I don’t give up …and finally the project executes….at 3 30 am…after which I return home at 4 am …promptly miss the college bus as I over sleep , and then to reach college in time I take the arduous option of biking 50 kms on roads where highway lorries literally play Kabbadi.

My college computer hangs just while the execution is about to show up and the day passes off as miserably…and I decide to drive to my friend’s room nearby and take his cpu and rush back to college and show the execution of my project…….and finally just have enough strength to lie down flat in my friends room after all that to-and-fro biking..

APRIL 7- The final semester exams start…..

APRIL 22- The whole family takes a trip to Tirukkadiyur…. A temple town in interior tamilnadu to celebrate the 80th birthday of my grandfather…and we are lodged in a 100 year old house..with pillars running down every room and “thinnais” .The simple beauty of the place bowls me over…and the best part is the family get2gether of 20 people in that old-style house….

MAY 5- Its our last exam and no one’s mind is on the exam as we realize that all of us are going to part with each other and it was quite an emotional day for most of us…I stayed up late with the guys and went home only at 11 pm…..

MAY-6 We start on our 16 day trek to the Himalayas ..by boarding the sick “GT express” .
MAY 10: The coooolest t day in my life…as I was skiing at 13000 ft at practically near zero temperatures.
For more on the tour….refer archives section of my blog in june 2004 .

MAY-23- The tour ends and we are greeted in Chennai and told that Polaris is conducting its recruitment that day….so I get off from the rain and head straight to the venue…and after 3 hours of standing and getting baked in the 43 degree sun, I break through the pushing of the crowd and manage to write the test……

health becomes worse and my vomiting problem is getting more severe… admitted in the hospital….and get to know that My small intestine has 4 blocks and that is preventing food to get digested properly….and these are the initial stages of TB….

– am released from hospital after this damn complex operation was performed and I can hardly walk for a month with a plastered stomach covering the cuts and stiches of the stomach which was operated. I am just out of hell(hospital) as life was tough taking in “drips” and injections as food and struggling to breathe as a pipe was inserted through both my nostrils right into my throat ….going down to the stomach…….so drinking water was something great then………

I miss quite a few recruitment tests in this period and rue upon my bad luck………

JUNE 12: I was informed of the Oracle –walk in and decide to somehow make it to bangalore to write the test,so 3 of my friends along with me …travel by car to Bangalore to write the test.I am the centre of attention there,as I go there draped in a “veshti”(dhoti ) as there is no way I can wear a pant with all that heavy plaster on my stomach……

I don’t get through that day and the next day for the walk in at Kyocera at Bangalore , the test was cancelled.

JUNE 19:
I Also attend the oracle walkin at Hyderabad and hard luck there also…but I somehow enjoyed the trip with my friends…burning mid night oil reading tech books and past papers and the fact that they took good care of me …

JUNE 20:
I travel for the first time in a jan shatabdi train from vijayawada to chennai and I am quite impressed by the train as it offers chair car like comforts for the price of a II sit.

JULY 3RD- I am called up by polaris after a long time ..for my tech interview and it goes of well at their navalur campus…..

JULY 4TH : A group of we six friends from college book rooms in a hotel in Bangalore , to prepare for the 2nd oracle walk-in and as we go to the centre , we find that at 7 am , there were people who had queued up from as early as 4 am………and guess what…due to the huge rush of candidates…the test was cancelled……..this was like rubbing salt in my wounds………

So what do I do for the remaining 12 hours…..as my return train to Chennai was only at 11 45 pm…so I decide to watch two back to back shows of “hum tum “ and “lakshya”.

JULY-11TH TO AUGUST 1—Every weekend was spent in bangalore writing recruitment tests and hunting 4 jobs…….

JULY-26th..very nearly made it to HCL technologies ….but happy for my friend Anand who made it through .

JULY-27 received my “offer of employment letter” frm POLARIS and the call letter to write the INFOSYS test…..

…I am supposed to report at POLARIS on OM road…but destiny decides otherwise as I qualify in the Infy test on 8th and am going to attend my Infy interview on 9th on the same road.

AUGUST-20th –17 23 pm….I receive a mail from Infy that I have been selected and I am elated ….
AUGUST 29th …I also clear the TCS test and the feel good factor is great. I also manage to coax a long-time-internet friend called krithika to try out blogging…so that was the 4th person I managed to do so in 3 years .

SEPTEMBER 1st to 7th- This weekend is also spent in Bangalore(7th consecutive weekend in Bangalore) watching the Natwest trophy…which unfortunately is not aired in chennai due to the CAS affect.

SEPTEMBER 16th- 4 of my friends decide to visit Tirupati to thank the lord for having showered us employment. We enjoy a crowd-free tirumala as we get darshan even though
It’s the start of the brahmotsovam festival that day.The temple sports a festive look ,decked up and lighted….

SEPTEMBER 23RD –I become a fan of mohammed rafi…after I attend a SPB conert where he rendered some of rafi’s songs….now I would have something to shop in a music store after I have exhausted all possible kishore’da’s combinations.

OCTOBER 18TH- I Report at Infy Bangalore and that’s where I stay for the next 76 days (today being the 77th day in Bangalore)….I realize that INFY is the IIM-A among the IT companies ……the way this place is built…taking into account the lush green gardens, the landscaping etc etc …….this is like living in dream land……..
And I am really impressed by the work culture at Infosys Bangalore…

OCTOBER 24TH : I Fool 2 girls in my batch , pretending to call them from HUTCH and telling them that the HUTCH network has detected them sending lewd messages and hutch was going to speak to her HR about it…..One girl was so tensed and scared that she was nearly on the verge of a break down (don’t worry Krishna mishra …I will not reveal your name ) ….I had real fun doing that ………..

NOVEMBER 18TH: I try out swimming for the first time in my life and discover painfully chilly swimming can be in an 18 degrees Bangalore evening,but am soon comforted by an hours session at the jacuzzi and steam bath…….W O W .

OCTOBER-19TH- DECEMBER 31st--- I tend to wonder why people
commit suicide …and court issues “death warranties” ……as I have discovered
one better way …to kill a person……ask him to learn Mainframes…….on a dumb
matrix like blue-green screen.

Things I learnt here

Every Software Engineer continues his state of chatting or forwarding
mails unless he is assigned work by external unbalanced manager.

Bugs can neither be created nor be removed from software
by a developer. It can only be converted from one form to another. The
total number of bugs in the software always remains constant.

"Your future depends on your dreams" So go to sleep


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