I just happened to come across my school's official website...from dilee's blog but tch tch...the website provider's ugly name comes up when the site opens.It felt good to see photographs of some of my teachers who still work in the school....amidst the new recruits.The last time I visited school was on pakistan's independence day -aug 14.....when I had been to adjacent school ST Micheals to write the recruitment test for Cognizant which I had easily cleared.I just happened to visit the school then for about 10 minutes ...taking a peek into the cycle stand where I once used to waste time...in the mornings ,bunking my prayer sessions to gossip with my friends in the name of arranging the cycles ,as we had a competition every week for the best maintenance of the campus..by the respective groups...and some of the groups went like this ....hmm....all of them were mountains neelkant,kanchenjunga,nangaparbat and ......................ya...kailash. I've represented all the houses during my 8 year assosiation with bala vidya mandir.

I then went to the auditorium to see the very place where a quiz master was born....(hey thats me) .......the very place where we people used to arrange ourselves in a so called line to assemble for the prayer, ...after which I remember we had to pass through the jungle gym- our play area for lower classes , some teachers(like thayumanavan,ramesh,sethu) used to stand and monitor the condition of our shoes and punish us by asking us to take a round of the whole school.Man that was some fun!!!! and last but not the least the Aaya's little home in between our basketball court and the girl's toilet.I was a regular visitor to the local aaya's place ,whenever there was a cricket match on...her B/W tv used to provide us the scores and updates. One instance I can never forget was March the 13th 1996 when India played Sri lanka in the semifinals of the 96 world cup, the aaya's little dwelling was filled with more than 12 students ....when jayasuriya and kaluwitharana were out to consecutive balls....the amount of roar and excitement ,we people had at that moment was to be experienced only at that moment,in that little place .I could have taken leave ..on that day....but sadly cudnt as I had already met the princi and vice prici for special leave as I was one among the few who took leave on march the 11th after attending half a day school as australia played the kiwis at chepauk. One of my friends dileep decided not to bunk school for the chennai match and take leave on the 13th when india were playing .

Q well .on a quizzical note ...what connects kartik kannan and dinesh kaarthik
(the indian wicketkeeper now ) ?

A Both played as substitutes under dilee's captaincy :-)

Someday when I am in Chennai ,I must make it a point to visit my teachers.....and of course the hallowed turf as my classmate dileepan puts it.

I guess I have a lot more to contribute about school ....but as of now I am mainframed ....with Infy..have some work..... so will update later.


Dileepan said...

Oh! You do remember that I bunked school for the World Cup '96 semifinal between India and Sri Lanka. We were writing Jegatha Miss' Maths test in the fifth period when my father came and I gleefully ran out of the class! I still relish the fact that I got to see Jayasuriya and Kaluwitharana being dismissed off consecutive balls, while most of you were attending some class lecture! I made 19 on 25 in that Maths test.

Anita said...

searched for you in the in-house directory and got one kartik kannan and 3 karthik kannans! which one are you?!!

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