W E E K E N D ' S

This seems to be the biggest motivating factor driving me from the time since I was a kid ...right up till now.On days that I had school I would monotonously attend school waiting for friday...as that one day I would really be in my elements as the weekend was approaching and I could have a gala time playing cricket with my neighbours.In college too....this trend continued ..but I had toc hange the script as we had college from monday to saturday ..and getting the weekend off from those weird lectureres meant so much for me.I would involuntarily bunk college on saturday making it a perfect weekend ....but some times did attend college on saturdays as I always had the problem of maintaining my attendence percentage within a limit.

Now even at work........I tend to long for the weekends.........to laze at home ,sleep those extra few minutes longer than a weekday....but all of a sudden as I gave it a thought this morning...life has just gone on monotonously for these 20 odd years ........waiting for weekends.

I guess this feeling of "waiting for the weekend" will never cease and the viewing of monday morning as the "evil day" that haunts us as we resume our routine.I remember being a child I was very regular in doing my homework burning the midnight oil in the wee hours of monday morning interspersed between bouts of sleep to finish it by 8 15 or 8 30 in the morning and then quickly take a shower and get to school invariably late.......and pull out an seemingly stupid reason for being late....and this like a for loop kept repeating till I did my studies and took a little respite being employed...

So here I am ..waiting the n'th Monday morning of life ......typing this buring my midnight oil...(practically my monitor .......).

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A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
Stewart Alsop- Posters.

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