Driving along the old mahabali puram road at night is a real pain as visibility is reduced to zero .Damn , so many companies have set foot along this road and still there are no street lights .I just happen to go at 30 kmph on a straight line ...as I cant really see whats ahead...even though my bike light's are switched on. Bike accidents along this stretch are very common and I really dont know whether to settle for the ofice bus or go in the bike...as going in the bike gives me the flexibility to go as i please as there is only one bus in the evening that gos to my place and only one bus that comes in the morning. But I guess safety should take precedence...and in all probability I should register for the bus,as biking at night seems an arduous task.

This week I might go to Tirupati if all goes well along with the triplicane gang......as sid will have to decide whether he has to take leave on friday ...(his day stretches into the night of friday and ends at 5 30 am on saturday ).I remember the last trip we had to tirupati...it wa real fun along with sid,hari and santosh....on the night of september 15th,when we paid obeisance to the lord of the 7 hills for giving us jobs.This time , it remains tobe seen whether achut(my benchmate at college..and colleague at infy) makes it ..as he's become busy all of a sudden coding all night long with his department's project.

Also on the anvil ...are so many other things that i officialy cant reveal on this blog...as it concerns my job....but anyways just hope the preparation for the "miao" goes off well,by joining somewhere .

I hear that SATYAM and HEXAWARE are planning to recriut freshers of the 04 batch...and I am doing all i can to forward resumes of those unfortunate people who still are searching for a job .Anyone who needs a call for writing the tests please do mark ur resume to my gmail address kartik(dot)kannan[at]gmail[dot]com..by thursday evening 6 pm .I have to write my email address in this format otherwise I would be inviting unneccesary spam to my site.

Hmmm...I guess its quite late in the evening ..and dark,so i better be on my way home rather than drive in freespace (thats what driving at OMR at night would seem like ).

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