TIME : 5 30 PM TO 9 30 PM

DATE :10TH FEB 2005


The earthquake here was the dance remixes which registered a 9 on the richter scale of excitement,so to say.As part of our valentine day bash at office,we had the band AaTtMa performing some melliflous numbers from yesteryear alternating in hindi and tamil,after which we had a real blast with DJ Mazhaar coming along and making we people dance to his groovy remixes.

the DJ started off my mixing alaipayuthey kanna from alaipayuthe and the famous punjabi bhangra number "gori nallu ishq mita " and wow the combo certainly seemed rocking.In a second our food court was transformed into a discotheque/dance floor with all the colourful spot lights on....and I must say,leting one's hair down once in a while ....was great fun.Though I didn't know the steps as well as some of the people dancing there,I really didnt mind shaking a leg ....

3 cheers to the organizers who did the show .......they really seemed to have brought in quality people this time and of course lovely numbers...which included some of my all time favorites like "dum maro dum", "jaane jaan" from jawani diwani ,"Kadhal rojave" and of course the song i love to listen when i bike "endendrum punnagai/oh humdum suniyo rey" from alaipayuthe/saathiya.

The photos will soon be put up on my blog..as there seems to be some problems with my data cable that transfers the pictures from my mobile to my PC temporarily.

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