safety gone for a SIX

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Sometimes people dont seem to realize how dangerous travel on footboard is.I just dont understand why people(school students generally ) try such antics putting their lives at grave risk.This was taken near my bus stand at Ram Nagar,Madipakkam in Chennai.

If people are getting late , they should leave in time so as to avoid such a mad scramble,as these people on the "footboard" are a menace to the vehicles coming from behind as , if they fall from the bus,they directly are run over by the vehicles coming behind.

Thats why one should never overtake on the left,irespective of the space available on the left hand side ...considering the amount of risk involved.

Well all these antics on a bus is more dangerous than on a train as the bus curves and dances according to the road's condiotion and traffic ,causing sudden jolts that may affect balance.

Atleast on a train, there are no sudden breaks and jolts as it's a straight path..I am not advocating that footboard is safer on trains ,but comparitively the risk is a little less on a train than on a bus...but all said and done one must know where to draw the line ,when it comes to safty and travel.


Vijay said...

You bet! This very morning, I came across a boy 'running' with the bus as if his life depended on it. He eventually got 'on to it' by stepping on someone's foot. I actually saw the fight go on as the bus disappeared across the corner.

joshy said...

hey kannu...if u get late and if u didnt get any bus, u will also travel like this. The person to be blamed is the transport department for not operating more buses at peak hours.

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