I am peeved at the attitude shown by the television broadcaster's at having this set box scheme in chennai city only..all over India ..and now it feels as if we chennai'tes wounds are further rubbed with salt with the Indian board not allocating a single test match or a one day to Chennai. EDEN GARDENS KOLKATTA, may be the most boisterous crowd , but to me the most knowledgeable and decent crowd that applauds good cricket has been chennai.None of the Indian ground crowds have known to appreciate the opposition's game as well as chennai'ites do and it's quite shocking that Chennai has not been invited to the Indo pakistan bash.

I remember when pakistan toured last time in 99 ,I was there at chepauk to witness the mother of battles ..but sadly India lost that match by 12 runs,but it sure was a humdinger of a contest with Sachin and mongia nearly getting India home ....but Akram and Saqlain had the last laugh. The standing ovation that the chennai crowd gave pakistan when they did their victory lap was really a vignette...and I was looking forward to another unfolding this time,whatever the result.

That night i slept,wept over India's loss...as it was such a close match....and I remember my emotions for the match got the better of me ,the next day in school when i flunked my LOG SERIES and E series test. I seem to somehow attachmyself extremely with matches concerning India and remember so many occaisons where India's loss has upset me ....

So coming to the central point of it all.... why chennai is being victimised ....in both the above forms as mentioned , will still remain only a question on a question paper ....?

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Anonymous said...

inna iyyeru, kalakureega pola irukkudhu.
- Aarthi

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