Chennai in Spate

As I sit typing this, in my office, I hear winds buzzing past my ear,even though the windows at office are closed.Trees in and around office,are shaking to the tune of the wind.I am in office,right now,because I cant dare go back home, where I am sure, water would have crept into my ground floor home.I have shifted some of my books and other possessions to the first floor, but since there is no current(power) at home, I had to get out of madipakkam, wading through the slush.

The whole city, is battered by the recent rains and every where I see, road blocks and diversions and huge traffic woes.I dont intend to go back home for the next 2 days.I plan to stay in office as the winds and the rains are threatening and menacing to any driver riding his vehicle on the road. As observed in the mumbai rains, people longed to come back home,but I kinda differ, I feel more at ease at office than, being at home, as its worse at home with no power and all water all around.My only source of worry, is that my mother and grandmother are at home,and are pretty much marooned back home. I just wish and pray the rain clears, so that I can try my luck going home in this rain. I couldn't start from office at all, with the heavy rains through out the day,and given the fact that I need to bike 22 km's, the whole journey seems so unsettling and scary.

Right now, I am armed with my chair and trying to take a nap, in my cubicle,even as the winds threaten to blow away Chennai.


Surya said...

was it necessary that you come to work at all in this weather instead of staying at home with our mom and grandmom? i am ure your company wud understand the situation, if not resign.
when we ape everything that is West, why not the work culture and time for family atleast during such inclement weather?

Anonymous said...

We also vaccated our house from Madiappakam.Currently we are staying in some of our friends house.On Sunday a lot of people vaccted from Madippakam.This is really really pity. We look like a Madippakam refugee.

Inder said...

we can put up with a few days of discomfort for the sake of rain... can't we?

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