Sania and the Grandslams

I saw this hoarding at the Mount Road Cenotaph Road Junction.It's one of the few good eye catchy adlines that I have come across recently.It's an ad that combines a Tennis affcianado's interest as well as fulfills TataIndicom's new service.Click on the Image for a more detailed expansion of the advertisement.Signing Sania Mirza probably may have increased brandrecall for the TaTa's, but nothing to beat the brand recall Adidas has in the form of T-shirts and skirts that Sania wears, where most of the attention is diverted to,rather than her game. Talking about endorsements for expression based services like Mobiles and pagers, earlier the route followed by Bharti pagers and RPG cellular were more geared towards presenting an advertisement that showed a whole family being united or a whole nation being united by the cellular service. Mobile phone branding has since then come a long way, with atrocious, but working ads like the "Sehwag ki ma" , reliance ad concept that seemed to appeal to every common man, who had grown up watching "ma-beta" bonding in Bollywood(a la Deewar-"Mere Paas Maa Hain").

Out of the brand positioning ad's that I have seen, in terms of quality HUTCH never seems to have pandered their product to the lower masses,betting their market on the suave upmarket Indian.Airtel for a while, did have few good expression based themes, but have managed to maintain a brandpositionng that attracts people in the moderately rustic-moderately suave, between Reliance and Hutch, in terms of the customer market.

Reliance after focussing 3 years on the rural -semi urbane low cost market, has also resorted to taking a bite in the suave modern Indian market by launching its just dial service.They have Mandira bedi and Riya sen, with plunging necklines wooing customers to call them.The ad certainly looks inviting and seductive, but I'd prefer to have Mandira Bedi here than to see her on SONY TV distributing cricket gnyaan along with experts on EXTRAA INNINGS from today.
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Joshy said...

dei naiye..photo click panna page cannot be displayed tu solludhu

Shree said...

I thought she was with Lotto...

oneonone said...

i want 2 marry u

Shoestring said...

do you have pics of the reliance campaign. i'd like to write a feature on my blog about that campaign.

Shoestring said...

know what melbourne, paris, wimbledon and NY have in common? a first round exit.
advertisers who do not have a decent product story, are always looking for famous faces to carry the message. this is yet another deplorable attempt.

Kartik Kannan said...

Shree, my mistake :-) , she is with Lotto


I do have the reliance campaign pics...gimme ur mail id, will have them mailed over.

Anonymous said...

hey kartik... plz plz gimme mandira's reliance campaign pics... My email ID is:

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