Oh Those Lovely school days

A few days back, during a huge power outage in Egmore for an hour,I decided to spend my time fruitfully and in peace.Generally for a short break, I'd prefer the groundnuts available on kennet lane in egmore,or a saunter along the egmore railway station.I wanted a new place to explore, and decided to pay the age old museum, that lies in the same as road as my office, a visit. It sure was a trip down memory lane, seeing kids out on a picnic.These kids, although policed by their teachers to form a straight line and walk quietly, walked haphazardly, chatting with an oblivious joy of being outside school and of course with the off dose of mischief.The kids reminded me of the lunch bag with a small lunch with three boxes,which I used in school.All of them assembled on the lawns and were making quite a noise during their lunch.My school, before its revamp was typically a gurukula, in the sense that parents used to meet their children at lunch and feed them, and for lunch we had some awesome spots under the tree,under the lovely shade where we used to have lunch. Sadly all the trees and the spot called the jungle gym, are all done away in my school, expanding it for more classrooms.

This is at the musuem,where the kids assembled for lunch

Walking in a line, a 100 diminutive kids clamouring past the 'finger on the mouth' orders seemed like life on a rewind mode 15 years back.It is the very innocence and simplicity of this school life that one misses, in our day to day life which is pretty stressful considering the pressures of work,appraisals and the 101 things that we plan to worry about in a day.

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