On Guard

The last few days, I have seen many people affected by the rather popular Chickungunya virus and have been praying to providence, that I should be spared.I've heard that its a day mosquito that wreaks all the havoc and can be avoided to an extent by being in AC room, or under the radius of the fan.When one becomes defensive to play safe,one never knows from where another virus may come.While I was gearing myself up to be hale and hearty till my twin exams of GMAT and CAT pass by, a milder version of throat infection hit me last morning.It seemed pretty innocous yesterday evening,but over a good night's sleep, its grown into a monster,making life pretty difficult.I am not able to drink water properly or even swallow food properly and it sure does pain,when I try to talk something.Health issues frustrate me a lot and it feels so much better to believe that you are all fine ,even when things are probably not all that fine, just to keep your mood better than having a glum face.

The Chickungunya threat seems all the more menacing,as there is a huge stagnant pool of water almost round the year, surrounding my house.As of now I am with Odomos, a fan and an AC as a team to ward off the chicungunya threat, as inactivity due to any damn virus infection may prove problematic,with exams round the corner.

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