Sleepless nights with GMAT

The next few days are going to pretty busy with my GMAT exams and CAT exams to be given.That pretty much explains the inactivity on my blog.I have prepared a few short articles but never completed it . I also have another good news hopefully,as I hear that my Sony Ericcson phone may be brought back to life.I hear that no major damage has happened to the microprocessor of the phone.I am going to the "ICU" tommorow to check on it.

I am feeling pretty worn out and tired and have developed some back complications, due to studying with crazy postures and unearthly sleeping hours.The last few days are the slog overs that I am banking for my preparation, for both these exams.

I might end up putting a few short posts the in the next few days to break the boredom of forcing my eyes to be active in the wee hours of the night.Expect to see more pictures.

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