Whats all the Commotion?

Today Chennai resembles a mini Baghdad of sorts with Crackers bering bursted every second in some direction and I resemble a patient in bed, who just see's the 4 walls of the house. The whole of last week,I was unwell with cold,fever and an extremely bad throat..and I just seemed to have aggrevated it, by participating in an office function hungama. The urge to burst crackers is long gone,and it feels boring to do it all alone.Parents and family seem like aliens to me as people come and go into the house,while I stay stuck in my room on 2 counts, one being plagued by head aches, and whenI feel too tired about sleeping allday long, I decide to pick up my GMAT book and pore through its contents. The GMAT gets over on Monday, and is it party time after that? Hmm...if the GMAT scores falls within a certain expected range, then yes...but a heap of mock papers lie unused and unscribbled on my table and I need to immideately resume my preparation for the CAT which falls on the 19th of November.These 2 days, if they go on well, can make a hell of a difference towards making my life better.

There are times you just cling on to hope, with the hard work in the background, its one of those times now.There's a lot of frustration, coupled with a few moments of joy.Its about balancing these emotions in a fine ratio that helps you face the worst of adversities in the best possible manner.So hoping for things to get better.


Mirror said...

All the very best !!!

GeronimoThrust said...

So how did the GMAT go?? Curious to know how tough/easy it was.

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