ICC Champions Trophy 2006,A few observations

ICC Champions Trophy 2006-A few observations

Yesterday afternoon,I happened to chance across the television commentary team of SET MAX, and their inane ramblings left me exasperated. Sample this

Mandira Bedi: Cricket is coing to the Brabourne after 11 years after a match was played here way back in ………err…. 1996(Mandira, thinking it was the Wills World cup).Brabourne, they say has a history behind it, so in terms of history, it’a a famous ground.What about the other grounds Charu?

Charu Sharma: Oh yes, I think Shonali Nagrani, our team reporter who has covered the 4 matches may want to share some of her experiences on the ground.

Charu Sharma :Hi Shonali, in all the 4 matches that you have seen, which ground has appealed to you the most?

Shonali Nagrani: I actually like the Chandigarh chicken with white Makkhan, but amchi Mumbai is the best,where Igot to party all night with my friends.The gujrati lunch at Ahmedabad,was awesome,but I gotta saw the jaipur cuisine was also great.

Charu Sharma: ( Head starting to perspirate, attempts to divert the question after a perfectly inane answer). Well Shonali, great to know you are having fun there.I heard you met Murali and Sangakkara.How confident are they about the match.

Shonali Nagrani: Yes Charu, They are cho chweet.They talked to me so well and they are very confident about winning against the West Indies, but they were saying that it’s a one day match and they have equal chances of losing too,so I feel that Srilanka is going to rock today’s game. By the way,I saw Murali’s kid, and Murali wants him to be the next-ace spinner after him.

Mandira Bedi: Oh! Is that so, but on a cricketing note, did you ask him, where Murali’s 1 year old kid would play cricket for , would it be India,Srilanka or Australia.

I stopped dead in my tracks and given that Mandira Bedi was in a Sari and not in her noodle straps , I muted the television, and pretended to be busy reading a book,even though I really wanted some expert info before the start of play.Just when, I muted the TV, Tony Greig and John Wright started to talk,so I again unmute to listen to a few seconds of cricket gnyaan,before Sony’s telecast policies take off the cricket experts and start to focus on Bollywood.

Their idea of marrying cricket with bollywood is allright, considering the fact that these are the 2 most watched modes of entertainment for the common Indian man.What I cannot tolerate is the essence of dilution, the coverage has in terms of commentators with Mandira Bedi,Rahul Roy and the likes of Shonali Nagrani simply vitiating the atmosphere,with greats like Barry Richards and Tony greig , pushed to the sideline.

This is where I miss the quality coverage of ESPN STAR, with the exalted company of Gavaskar,Bhogle and Shastri. Add to it a Ian Chappell,Tony Cozier and Richie Benaud and the frenzy voice of Bill Lawry, you are done, as a Channel you can have me hooked on to that television Channel for 9 long hours, increasing your TRP Ratings and advertisement value, rather than driving me away by throwing nonsensical ladies like Shweta Jumaani,Mandira Bedi and Shonali Nagrani at me.

If Max is going to still, continue with their “mixing cricket and entertainment”, I suggest they have Mandira Bedi,Shonali Nagrani,Shweta Jummani,Arjun Singh(The HRD guy),George Bush and Kanchi Illiah, One cant have a greater set of lunatics providing entertainment to us, a 9 hour comedy show, that also shows Cricket in between.


chakpak - bollywood movies said...

mandira is definitely a plus

nil said...

Well said Kartik. Nowadays cricket matches became a funny game to us and the all credit goes to our one & only entertainment industry i.e. TV. It’s like a 9 hours long comedy film or drama or you may also call it circus. I’ve an idea to make this show more popular. If they arrange half an hour ramp show in between the match. Then I think it will also go to justify with their outfits and dress makers.

Shree said...

Know what Karthi..this business of getting in the fairier sex and with it, innanity, into cricket is beginning to rub off on Charu Sharma as well.
The other day, I was at the launch party of SET's cricket season and I happened to hear the biggest gaffe in a while. Charu, who was hosting the evening, said, quite inadvertently, "The last three years in "ESPN Star" has been wonderful for me". I could see the big honchos of SET almost wishing that the Earth underneath would open up and gobble them!!!
If Charu feels that way after covorting for 3 years with noodle-strap wearing beauties sitting next to him..then, I end my arguement!

suresh said...

Hi Karthik, First of all, thanks for posting this article. I have been looking for a venue to vent my frustration at this bizzare thamsha in the name of extra innings. Charu Sharma has always been and will continue to be one of those anchors who is less of an anchor and more of the 'expert' and when you watch him have a chat with some one like Ian Chappel, you being to wonder who is supposed to be doing the talking. Charu is supposed to be the facilitator, unfortunately, seems to have an opinion on everything that the real experts are not allowed to express their views. It is a pity that guys like Harsha Bhogle don't get a chance because SetMax is hell bent on forcing guys like Charu Sharma on the hapless viewers.

The Temptress said...

I agree with you, its a ridiculous show and MAndira is just making a mockery of the game and herself. Being a cricket enthusiast, its disheartening to see such mindless shows, lacking sophistication and analysis.

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