Yesterday at work I got a mail from one of my friends working at HCL technologies about the marriage of the so called tamil film actordhanush and aishwarya(who happens to be rajnikanths daughter).It seems the marriage took place yesterday and the photos were instantly passed on the web. A couple of girls sitting ner my cubicle went hysteric on seeing the marriage photos ..one saying "wow","yay" as if they had just been engaged to the most handsome dude on earth. :-(

I got special attention ,simply because the mail containing that marriage picture had come to me...so people pleaded me to send them the photos by mail....and I was just dumbstruck as to why people were so mad of seeing a moron getting a married. One of my friends...had rightly sent the subject of the mail as "KORANGU KAYILLAE POO MALAE"(which translates to "a lovely flower garland in the hands of a monkey ) ...

Well I never knew dhanush had such fan following and this news would create so many ripples.all i can say is that there are far more important things in the world than such a silly piece of news gathering attention.

PS:Micheal jackson BEWARE there are more hysterical females here rooting for dhanush than for u ........GOD SAVE THEM

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Shyam said...

Heh heh heh... the way Michael Jackson looks now, it's no surprise that even Dhanush has more female fans than him! :)

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