the DA phenomenen

I tend to notice that every famous singer or music director is from west bengal......like pancham da,kishore da and of course mithun da.......They do seem to have loads of talent contributing ro the Indian music industry.The talent pool of the indian singing industry seems to be coming from the eastern belt of UP...meandering its way into westbengal.I just happened to notice it when i happened to listen RADIOCITY 91 FM here , on my way to work.

The weather seems to be great in bangalore,well its been like that for so many years now,but every day seems to be a new and exciting day in the offing when the lush green grass of Infy and the chill n pleasant winds along with the heady combination of the beautiful infy girls ...tends to greet one in the morning.

I have to scoot of now , as its time(CLASS BEGINBS AT 9 AM ) for a morning session of training in mainframes...I am presently with CICS ...a topic in mainframes.I am over with MVS,JCL and COBOL.still have DB2 to go after which ,we have to submit a mock project in mainframes,for which supposedly I am the group leader amongst my team mates. I was told by a friend of mine that the GL's role would be limited to ensure others complete their modules on time and I make the final presentation....as long as it has lesser technical content .....I am game for it.... and just motivating the team members ........comes naturally to me

..."MAIN HOON NAA" :-)

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