2 days to go for the Chennai-Test Match

Cricket matches that I have watched in Chennai over the last decade

How does the Ground look 3 days before the match?

Pictures Taken at Chepauk, last evening

Thats the view from the B stand. It has seats now instead of squatting on the cement flooring

The side on view is good when you want to watch the cut and the pull, but somehow I've always preferred a mid on or straight view,as side on, you would hardly have any indication of the swing or a catch in the slips

Ticket prices for the various stands. If you are not familaiar with Chennai, and would want to know where to buy tickets. I suggest you take the MRTS( Parakkum Rail in Tamil) train from Velachery/ Tidel Park and get a ticket to Chepauk station and the ticket counter is right outside the ground floor entrance of the Chepauk MRTS Station.

Should be a new beginning for Chennai B stand folks, as they would now not jostle for cement space inside the stadium.

I had gone with my friend Madhan to the stadium. He was going for a wedding at triplicane, and I went with him from the Velachery station to Chepauk station in the MRTS.


Gads said...

Hey Kartik, you didn't mention the Ind Aus test in feb (or march) 98 in the video. That was a superb game.

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks GADS, I dont know how I forgot that. Guess It skipped my mind as I didnt go for that game. was on curfew at home with my class 10 cbse exams :-)

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