Slog Overs!

I am starting to feel done and dusted with the MBA. I feel its dragging now. There seems lesser interest after placements in the course, but with a month and a half left for the course to end, I feel I must put an end to this feeling of misery within me. I have decided to revise all the subjects that I have learnt atleast briefly, to feel complete in all aspects. The slog overs and countdown starts now. The feeling of frustration is more exemplified by the fact that money worth 60k is still pending from two companies that I have been assosiated with (One former employer in Chennai, and other the company where I interned in November). I do some consulting work for them and havent recieved my payments due to some red tapsim. As a student, you realise the pinch of money more than any other time! add that to some pending assigments and term papers that involves quite an effort to complete. Its like climbing everest with eyes blinded! Any way enough of cribbing, I shall get back to work.

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