Images from Chepauk-Future Cup- Part 2

Thats where I sit- right below the NEO SPORTS commentary box. Every time I look at it, images of ESPN-STAR's Dream Job comes to mind. Just hoping some day, I get called for guest commentary :-)

Thats the place behind the D stand, where the TNCA generally conducts its selection trials. Remember bowling in 1995 here. I knocked a guy's off stump, with an express delivery, but the selector was busy sipping his quota of free coke and obliging some celebrity cricketer. Wish I had gone further.. but it wasnt meant to be.

The view from the D stand

Arun Lal and Wessels get ready for their post match gibberish
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Guru said...

I was there too .. ;)

Day 1 - D Stand, right below the commentators box .. My friend got Sivaramakrishnan's autograph ;) on a four-six placard and then we left if behind in the stadium .. Too bad..

Nice pics .. So you were in the D stand even today ??

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