Govinda Govinda!

The Tirupati trip was a lovely walk through the hills. I had been wanting to do a long trek and Tirupati turned out to be the unlikely victim. I started off at 8 50 pm last friday, from college, straight after a class, and reached the Koyambedu bus stand at 10. To go to Tirupati from Chennai, there are the APSRTC buses, for which one needs to reserve tickets and the 911 series of buses, where you can hop on and get a ticket. I got a bus at 11 15 pm and despite being amidst 2 corpulent guys in a three seater, I managed to catch a few winks in the three hour journey.

We reached Tirupati at 2 30 in the morning, and decided to get a room near the railway station. My friend's worry was to catch some more sleep, and mine was to complete my incomplete assignment and send it across. We got a smallish room for 300 rs, and I started my assignment and completed it by 4 15 am, and sent it across to the concerned submission email address. I woke up my friend, and asked him to hurry to the bus stand....

At the bus stand at 5, we saw a mini Sri Lanka there... if we had waited there, it would have taken us three hours or more just to get the digital darshan ticket. So....we spoke to a few locals and found out that the darshan counter near Balaji Bus stand, has lesser crowd, and took a rikshaw and reached there at 5 40 am.

More follows after I have Lunch............ Now going for a break.................lotsa pictures coming up. Stay Glued!

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Bizmetier said...

Which Assignment are you talking about?

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