Staring at Life!

These days I seem to be quite absorbed in thought, eating into the time I study. In a month, the student life would be over. No more sleepy classes, no more fun trips on the move just like that with friends, no more late night assignments, late night cake cutting parties. Where is it in life that I am heading? I am starting to feel it that the lovely night is ending and the sun would come out any moment now. Its back to employment in some time. Its more so like the dream you were in has ended, and the alaram would anyway ring in a minute to let you know that Monday has arrived.The time I had in Great Lakes for 1 year, apart from the crazy schedule of assigments and classes, would be something I would treasure. I would love to make 1 big trip to some exotic, peaceful location before the current batch passes out. Tommorow would be one such party filled day where we would celebrate holi on Campus. I should be having my mobile as a spycam, lest some one unleashes the pichkari at my mobile.

I guess, I would be in a better frame of mind, if i make my next trip somewhere...probably a longer one... right now, just vegetating in college with the assignments and term papers. 30 days to go... before the next batch invades campus.
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