Life's good with an N81

The Mobile Store- Thats where I purchased my latest mobile. Nokia N 81. I am back to that child like enthusiasm of basking in the brand,the feel good factor of the phone. I remember the days since I had my first mobile, way back in 2002, called Bosch.. I was over the moon, and over concious that I was the only guy in college carrying a mobile phone in my pocket.

The whole feeling of "new" comes up because each brand has its own menus. I found the Sony erricsson w 550 i the best phone to handle, but after a point, every phone becomes manageable

2002- Bosch, lost in 2003, when some one in a bus, flicked it from my pocket
2003- Got a 500 rs Reliance mobile and clung on till 2006, when the 3 year lock in period got over. Since it was a CDMA mobile, didnt use it after that.
2004- Got myself a Motorola C 650, had it till Feb 2006, when I lost it during travelling to Bangalore
2006- Got a NOKIA 1100...used it till April 2006( Have it even now as my back up phone)
2006- In April, bought myself a Sony erricsson w550 i, and had it till Nov 2007, until the waves in Anjuna beach, goa did my phone in.
2007- My dad gave me a Nokia basic 6330 model, and I had it till feb 2008, when it fell from my pocket, while I was on a bike(shorts, u see!)
2008- March -N 81 and I shall be careful with this mobile...and such a post shall not be repeated on my blog.

First picture, shakily taken a few minutes before rushing to class

The day after I bought my camera, I had to sit down and drown myself in a test for Strategic Profitability Management, which meant no active meddling with the phone.
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mMS said...

Phew! U hv a long track record. I hope u dnt hafta update / repeat this post again!

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