Life's Good!

Had been to Women's Christian College for their business fest. Happened to win prizes in Biz quiz, Adzap,Best Manager and Debate. Our team from Great Lakes happened to sweep the awards winning it in every event. We are also awarded the best overall team, and won a trophy for that. The trophy was given to us by Radhika Sarathkumar, who happened to be the chief guest for their event at WCC. Finally the WCC girls were really accomadative and made sure that we were able to participate across events. They have a very good and down to earth event management team, and this is what you expect when you get to a fest. I remember so many colleges displaying a cocky attitude and feigning self importance, but the WCC hospitality was really good. The team from Great Lakes was Myself and my usual quiz partner Sunil Krishna Prasad and we also had Shriram Bharathan, another avid quizzer joining us. 2 group events victories and 2 individual event victories made our day :-)

Brough me back memories to the good old days of engineering when I spent most of my semesters in other engineering colleges, whiling away my time at symposiums and fests. Felt young all over again... :-)

Here are some picures from WCC

The Overall Winners Trophy

Three of us recieving the award from Radhika Sarathkumar at Women's Christian College.

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